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In 1968 Pavlos Palierakis left Crete and to start a traditional grocery store in Palaio Faliro.

Being a professional cheese producer himself, with his own dairy shop in Kentrohori of Saint Vasileios in Rethymno, with excellent knowledges upon not only the production of dairy products, but also on the production of many other traditional provisions produced on his own area.

People showed their preference and love from the very first day and year after year the fame of the sympathetic and the highly Cretan man representative, spread to many spots in Athens.

With bundles of love, labor and passion for his doing, he had the possibility to provide the market with products whose main characteristics were, the excellent quality and the traditional method of production.

As the time was passing the traditional grocery developed, enriching the variety of its products and formed the character of a specialized store, providing greek traditional food and products of cretan nutrition.

In this way many cooperations appeared with other regions of Greece, always with the excellent quality as a standard, ensuring that his clients would be provided with the very best that greek country could produce.

 The store was renovated in 1993 by his son Christo Palieraki and was named as "Egalo" , a word that signifies the sheep that brings forth and produces milk .The sheep that is not sterile.

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