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Cheese consumption in Crete is the highest worldwide. Perhaps the  Cretans have right . They don't treat food as medicine, but only how they will enjoy the taste. The taste of Cretan cheese, gruyere kefalotyri, cheese, sweet and sour soft cheese and other dairy products is unsurpassed.
It is an Important source of calcium and protein of high biological value..

Cheese has a very important role in the Cretan diet.
The Cretan diet gives an impressive balance with natural products that offer exactly what we need so that we remain healthy.

In Crete and France, there is extensive study how to develop new methods for treatment diseases based on these scientific findings. The vitamins contained in our cheeses are many (A, B1, B3, B6, folic acid), as with the essential minerals and amino acids.

There are no farms where the animals stay closed for long periods, They have their animals out on the mountains and they feed them almost exclusively with awesome Cretan herbs and shrubs .This traditional form of farming is based on the experience of many centuries.

The only essential difference from the past is that the processing of the milk is no longer next to the sheepfolds, but in modern cheese plants and the factories remain to traditional forms of cheese with all the rules of hygiene and food safety. The Cretan gruyere offers a flavor surprise, as with other varieties of cheese on the island (cheese, gruyere, anthotyros ....)

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